Awards & Membership

China Sunsine won the Best Investor Relations Bronze Award for companies with $300 million to less than $1 billion in market capitalization in Singapore Corporate Award 2019

First Batch of the National Champion Manufacturing Enterprises

China Sunsine Awards 2018

Trusted Quality Certificate for rubber product (Accelerator CBS) 橡胶产品质量授信证书(促进剂CBS)
Trusted Quality Certificate for rubber product (Accelerator TBBS) 橡胶产品质量授信证书(促进剂TBBS)
Trusted Quality Certificate for rubber product (Antioxidant 6PPD) 橡胶产品质量授信证书(防老剂6PPD)
Trusted Quality Certificate for rubber product (Antioxidant TMQ) 橡胶产品质量授信证书(防老剂TMQ)
Trusted Quality Certificate for rubber product (Thermal stability IS) 橡胶产品质量授信证书(高热稳定性IS)
2018 China Rubber Industry Top 100 Enterprise 2018年度中国橡胶工业百强企业
Organisation award for employee photography contest in “Binhua Cup” organised the province’s petrochemical pharmaceutical associations 全省石化医药系统“滨化杯”“当好主人翁 建功新时代”职工摄影大赛 获“组织奖”
Best supplier 最佳供应商
2018 China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Top 500 Enterprise 2018中国石油和化工企业500强
2018 China Top 100 Special Chemicals Manufacturing Enterprise 2018中国专用化学品制造业百强企业
Shandong rubber and plastics industry in 2018 Top 10 enterprise 2018年度山东橡塑行业十强企业
Shandong Petroleum and Chemical Industry in 2018 Top 100 Enterprise 2018年度山东省石油和化学工业100强企业
China Top 100 Fine Chemicals Enterprise 中国精细化工百强
Excellent supplier of 2018 2018年度优秀供应商
2017 Advanced Safety Production Work Enterprise of the Year 2017年度安全生产工作先进企业
First and runner up position in the 2018 Weifang Binhai Economic and Technological Development Zone "Binhai Petrochemical Cup" safety production law and regulation knowledge contest 2018年潍坊滨海经济技术开发区“滨海石化杯”安全生产法律法规知识竞 赛活动获得一、二等奖
Excellent Organization Award in the "Shangyu Cup" Staff Badminton Competition in Binhai District 滨海区“尚舜杯”职工羽毛球比赛优秀组织奖
Innovative enterprise in Dingtao District, Heze City 菏泽市定陶区创新型企业
Advance unit that promote deliberative democracy and strengthening of social responsibility 推行协商民主强化社会责任先进单位
2017 Advanced unit for safe production for the year 2017年度安全生产工作先进单位
2018 Shandong Province SMEs Invisible Champion Storage Enterprise 2018山东省中小企业隐形冠军入库培育企业

China Sunsine Membership

Bureau Member of Rubber Industry Association of PRC 中国橡胶工业协会主席团成员单位
Vice Chairman of Rubber Industry Association Rubber Chemical Commission of PRC 中国橡胶工业协会助剂专业委员会副理事长单位
Member of Chinese Chemical Society 中国化工学会会员单位
Member of Shandong Province Rubber Industry Association 山东省橡胶行业协会副理事长单位
Deputy Chairman of Green Manufactory Committee of Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of PRC 中国化工学会橡塑产品绿色制造专业委员会副主任委员单位
Executive Vice President of Heze, China International Chamber of Commerce 中国国际商会菏泽商会常务副会长单位