China Sunsine At A Glance

Revenue (Units in RMB) Sales Volume (Units in TONS) Net Profit (Units in RMB)
2,691.7 million 167,455 388.9 million
3,283.3 million 151,486 641.3 million
2,738.4 million 140,476 341.3 million


FY2018 & FY2017

Brands We Work With
Chairman's Statement
Environmental protection, safety in production and social responsibility are part of everyone’s job at China Sunsine.
Sustainable development is already integrated into the way we conduct our business.

Xu Cheng Qiu
Executive Chairman
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Global Markets
The Group has over 1,000 customers, and continues to serve 65% of the world’s top 75 tire-makers. Our accelerators’ market share continued to grow to 33% in the PRC and 20% in the global market. Being the world’s largest auto market and with the increasing purchasing power of the Chinese population, we believe China’s auto market will remain robust over the next few years.
Sustainable Approach

(Striving for Excellence)

The world is currently facing a considerable amount of economic, environmental and social challenges. China Sunsine strives to bring sustainable and innovative solutions to its customers and to contribute to the society as a social responsible manufacturer. Hence, China Sunsine will resolutely observe a policy of continuous progress and operational excellence towards achieving its objective of sustanable growth, so as to value add greatly to our shareholders, partners, stakeholders, staff and community.
Sustainability Report 2019
Group Structure